John Kerman

John Kerman, has been the lead technical reporter at Comm Net News since the position was created. He has years of experience dealing with advanced aeronautic and space projects.

The Mark Program

The initial objective for the Kerbal Space Center is determining the feasibility of launching a Kerbal into space, and returning him or her safely to Kerbin, regardless of how many attempts it takes. Concurrently, the KSC will also work on additional objectives, such as scientific studies during all phases of flight, additional flight goals such as orbiting Kerbin, alternative and advanced engine designs, and scheduled disassembly. It is not expected that advancements in all of these areas will progress evenly.

The basic Mark program launch will consist of some sort of capsule to protect the Kerbal and the flight controls, an engine to propel it through the air and eventually space, a recovery system to provide as survivable a landing as reasonable, and any additional systems to enable communication or provide stability.

Additional secondary objectives include testing long duration flight, on-orbit power generation, advanced communication, additional science objectives, and spacecraft automation. Tertiary objectives will be determined by the success or failure of the primary and secondary objectives.

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The Original Four

Some fine early morning before another summer has come, one Kerbal chosen from the calmly intent group will embark on the greatest adventure man has ever dared to take. Dressed in an all-covering suit to protect him from explosive changes in pressure, strapped into a form-fitting couch to cushion him against the crushing forces of acceleration, surrounded in his tiny chamber by all manner of instruments designed to bring him safely home, he will catapult upward at the head of a rocket high into the heavens and then plunge back down to the world below. If he survives, he will be come the heroic symbol of a historic triumph; he will be the first Kerbal to be rocketed into the dark stillness of space. If he does not survive, one of his remaining comrades will go next.

Bob Kerman Trains with the Maneuvering Backpack

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An Introduction to the Kerbal Space Center

On a remote site on Kerbin’s shores, intrepid engineers and brave pilots are preparing to take the first tentative steps into the skies above Kerbin. CommNetNews has gained extensive access to the engineers, pilots, scientists, and management. Over the coming weeks, we will be conducting interviews and writing articles to assist the common Kerbal an understanding of the great work being done at the Kerbal Space Center.

In the near future, a brave Keral will climb into a small capsule, bolted to the front of a huge bottle rocket, and launch themselves towards the heavens. This Kerbal will be one of an elite class, known as Kerbonauts. They were selected by the most rigorous criteria, and then given advanced training. We should know in the next few weeks who will fly this historic flight.

Today, we are going to have a look at the base of operations where all this amazing research and exploration happens.

Kerbal Space Center’s location

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