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CommNetNews is dedicated to bringing you the latest and most in depth news regarding the Kerbal Space Program and it’s activities. We intend to fully document for our readership all the interesting and exciting details about the exploration of space by the Kerbal Space Center and it’s dedicated personnel.

Up and Over There!

CommNetNews.com documents a single game instance of Kerbal Space Program, the space flight simulation video game developed and published by Squad. As a long time fan of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs, and spaceflight in general, KSP was an immediate appeal to me. While playing, I could not help but think of my missions in the terms of the reporting and documentaries from that time. So I decided to document a play-through of KSP, but attempting to do so in the manner in which the US Space Program was covered by the national media.

I hope you enjoy it, as it has been fun writing it so far, and I’d be delighted to know it made someone smile.

Please note, I would appreciate it if adblocker users would whitelist our site. We will be only using Google AdSense, which works extensively to ensure that their ads are safe and reasonably honest. If you choose not to, that’s ok too, I completely understand their use.

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