Breaking Ground DLC Announced

Just announced by Squad: Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion! A new DLC Expansion that adds robotic parts to enhance your landers and probes, new surface features to give those landers something to investigate, deployable science packages that continue to take measurements over time, and a new space suit! All this will be yours for $14.95 USD, with the expansion released May 30th!

This new expansion is focused on exploration, experimentation, and technological advancement. Targets of specific scientific interest will appear on planetary surfaces- cryovolcanos, mysterious craters, and more!

New Features

Robotic Parts: New control mechanics will allow far more variety in probes and vehicles.

Surface Features: not just anomalies any more! New mineral formations, meteors, craters, and other curious features will be added to planets and moons. Collect scientific data with the new Rover Arm!

Deployed Science: science over time! Now your Kerbals can setup surface experiments that will take measurements and science over time! Seismometers, weather stations, oh my!

All that, and a new Space Suit too! All of these fine new features will be available May 30th for U$14.95 (free for those who purchased the base game prior to April 2013). It’s impressive that Squad has managed to keep this expansion under wraps for so long, with no major hints that it was coming until just a few weeks before release.

We here at CommNetNews are very happy with this news, as I have long thought deployable science was seriously lacking in the base game without mods. We will be integrating aspects of the new DLC into the core game we are writing about where appropriate- such as emulating the Surveyor missions prior to a Mun launch.

John Kerman, has been the lead technical reporter at Comm Net News since the position was created. He has years of experience dealing with advanced aeronautic and space projects.

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