Mark Three

Mark Three Rockets Into Space


Once again, the sun rose over the Kerbal Space Center, causing the buildings to cast long shadows across the grounds. Standing alone on the pad, the Mark Three vehicle seemed to be eager to prove to all of Kerbin what it could do. A test bed for numerous new technologies, it was clear that this day would witness a number of firsts.

Jebediah Kerman (no relation) had prepared himself for the journey ahead. A veteran of both the Mark One and Two flights, he had done this part of the routine countless times in training, and twice he had strapped into the capsule before it’s booster was ignited casting him skyward. This time would be different, however- if things went according to plan, he would go faster and higher than any Kerbal had ever done before, actually reaching a point where there was no more air at all. Then it would return back to Kerbin, bringing with it a valuable payload of science. Keep Reading

Mark Three to Launch Today


Kerbal Space Center announced that they will be attempting to launch the Mark Three mission early today, a mission that will test out many new technologies, and if all goes well, will propel Jebediah Kerman (no relation) into the inhospitable vacuum of space.

As always, CommNetNews will be there, and will give you the full details. Further details on the Mark Three vehicle and mission objectives can be read here.

Mark Three Update


Today the Kerbal Space Center announced the move of the Mark Three vehicle to the launch pad, and that the Mark Three will be piloted by the now veteran Jebediah Kerman (no relation).

Once again, the Pad Move Team performed their usual fine work and the Mark Three vehicle now stands on the pad, undergoing an extensive checkout and verification. Keep Reading

Mark Three Flight and Vehicle announced


The Kerbal Space Center announced it’s next mission in the Mark Program, the Mark Three flight. This is the first flight since President John F. Kerman (no relation) delivered his lofty goal of a Mun landing. To achieve this goal, great strides are going to have to be made in space flight, and the Mark Three launch is the next great stride to be taken.

Standing more than three times taller than the Mark One and Two vehicles, the Mark Three will be testing out multiple new technologies developed at the Research and Development Department of the Kerbal Space Center (see our coverage here). The goals for the Mark Three launch are also bold, foremost hoping to get a Kerbal into outer space, a region where the air pressure drops below measurable levels, around seventy kilometers in altitude. Keep Reading