Kerbonaut EVA Suit
Kerbonaut EVA Suit

KSC Announces Mark One Kerbonaut


Today the Kerbal Space Center announced that they had selected the Kerbonaut who will fly the first Mark Program flight, the Mark One. After weeks of speculation, we finally know which brave soul will strap themselves into the tiny Mk1 Capsule and allow Mission Control to ignite the ton of rocket propellant beneath them, propelling capsule and passenger skyward at velocities that have hitherto only been imagined.

That brave and daring Kerbonaut will be Jebediah Kerman (no relation). “We have the highest confidence in Jebediah,” said Walt Kerman (no relation), Kerbal Space Center spokeskerbal. “We are certain that he will perform his duties admirably.” This selection clears the way for an attempt to launch the Mark One within the next few days or weeks.

Jebediah Kerman in Space Sui
Jebediah Kerman in Space Suit

Jebediah was selected through an advanced selection process. TheĀ Original Four Kerbonauts were selected through an exhaustive process, known as the Best Available Designate Selection System. This system rates candidates through a system of tests, and assigns each member a letter and number grade. Jebediah scored a BAD-A55, the highest score achieved.

Described by Walt as a cool customer, Jebediah holds his wiry frame with a loose grace and dresses, even in sports clothes, with a crisp immaculateness that reflects his training.

Jebediah Kerman Maneuvering Training
Jebediah Kerman Maneuvering Training

Walt also added that the Kerbal Space Center was just about finished with the check outs on the Mark One, and were beginning the process of preparing to move the rocket to the pad for final launch preparations. When asked, he declined to specify a launch date, only saying, “We anticipate a launch attempt within the next 5-10 days. We are as eager to to see how this is going to work out as everyone else.”

John Kerman, has been the lead technical reporter at Comm Net News since the position was created. He has years of experience dealing with advanced aeronautic and space projects.

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